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Television is now where some of the most creative visual work is being done, and at PARRON LAW ® we want to help make your contribution to it a reality and keep it going strong throughout its run.

With offices in Miami and New York City, we have the experience and the high-profile to navigate the television industry and make it work for you. Our clients include production companies, actors and actresses, casting agencies, writers, directors and producers, technicians, and myriad artists working behind the scenes. No talent is too big and none is too small for our experienced attorneys.

PARRON LAW ® has a specialized television team spotlighting both transnational and litigation engagements. We handle everything from contract negotiations to copyright infringement, distribution to licensing-and-merchandising. Our team is unrivaled in its understanding of the ever-expanding field of reality television, from pitching concepts to securing talent and sidestepping the legal land mines that often arise in a format which seems to be growing and bringing with it new challenges daily.

If you plan to work in television, you need strong legal counsel on your side.
PARRON LAW ® is that counsel.

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