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The relationship between media and technology has become so inextricable, and so symbiotic, that it seems impossible to imagine a time when the two weren’t evolving as a single entity. What we know as traditional media — film, television, radio, music, books, news, software — have been democratized via an ongoing digital revolution that’s constantly expanding in new and seemingly unpredictable ways. The gatekeepers who traditionally determined what each of us saw, heard and read have lost their grip, giving way to a brave new world of social networking in which anyone — or millions of anyones — can become kingmaker and mold the media landscape to suit his or her whims. The few-to-many business model has dissolved into a many-to-many reality. But this exhilarating revolution has created as many pitfalls and risks to both business and consumer as it has opportunities. With transparent media-era threats to personal privacy and corporate secrets greater than ever before, businesses have no choice but to seek assistance in navigating these dangerous waters. PARRON LAW ® offers peerlessly intuitive legal counsel with regard to all aspects of media, technology and Internet law, ranging from domain establishment and registration, licensing and contracts, social networking guidance, to website service agreements, cease-and-desist and intellectual property take-down orders. Our expertise spans digital and broadcast media — and the intersection of the two — as well as publishing and e-publishing law, domestic and international copyrights, ancillary rights and royalties. Parron Law can also provide valuable insight for those seeking to ensure that they meet Federal Communications Commission requirements and adhere to administrative guidelines. With the rise of social networking as a dominant cultural force, our firm is proud to not only be on the cutting edge of each new digital innovation but to be able to help our clients likewise take full advantage of the hyper-connected, on-demand, constantly mobile world provided by today’s — and tomorrow’s — most dynamic technological trends and advancements.

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