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Sports is life. While professional sports may be a multi-billion dollar a year business globally, almost no other industry at its core provokes such a personal and visceral reaction from the people whose lives it touches: the fans, the viewers, the consumers, the athletes and those who dream of one day becoming athletes. To stand head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to practicing sports law and providing counsel to those within the industry, it takes not simply keen understanding and a special touch, it takes an appreciation for the game itself, whatever that game may be. It takes an unstoppable drive to see the client succeed both off the field, court, or ice as well as on. It takes a love of sports.

At PARRON LAW ®, we have the tools and the talent to elevate the college player, the rookie and the seasoned pro to new heights, to help him or her build a passion for excellence into a brand and a business. Our sports clients are business people with many diverse investments and opportunities in which we help them protect their interests. Our firm provides top-notch representation to the sports industry, with a focus on the unique opportunities presented to today’s athlete across the sports world spectrum. This includes the establishment and solidification of intellectual property rights and trademarking, the negotiation of product endorsements and corporate sponsorships, and the development of the player as his or her own highly lucrative franchise. No matter the game you play, PARRON LAW ® wants to help you play to win.

  • Professional Sports League Contracts
  • NFL & NBA Contract Advisement
  • Player Union and League Arbitration
  • Joint Ventures
  • Licensing
  • Employment / Agency / Management
  • Sponsorship / Endorsement/ Branding
  • Asset Protection
  • Intellectual Property

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