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Sports Betting / Gaming

In 2017 $150 billion was wagered on sports in the U.S., with nearly all of it coming through illegal channels. Since the 2018 Supreme Court decision overturning the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (“PASPA”), 8 States have legalized sports betting with features like pointsbet promo code and another 23 States are racing to pass laws to legalize it. What was once just a brick-and-mortar niche limited mainly to Las Vegas has exploded into a nationwide industry. Gaming and gambling can also happen online through trusted websites like

Gaming and gambling in the United States is a big business, worth $240 billion as of 2017. As gaming and gambling have spread and grown, so too have the associated laws and regulations. Most recently, fantasy sports have taken center stage in the world of online gaming, with over 56 million players, nearly $20 billion in annual spending, and intense scrutiny from state attorneys general, legislatures, class-action lawyers, and federal prosecutors.

Our lawyers at PARRON LAW ® are well equipped to advise gaming and gambling operators, entrepreneurs, and investors in navigating the complex federal, state, tribal, and local laws, and to lobby State and local legislators and litigate and try disputes when necessary.

At PARRON LAW ® our philosophy is to provide services and representation that allow our clients to achieve their business goals while minimizing legal risks.

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