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Publicity Rights


Now more than ever, publicity rights matter. Once reserved largely for the rich and famous, in the age of social media where every person has the ability to become his or her own brand, the right of publicity can come into play in almost anyone’s life.

These rights are based on a person’s right to privacy and protect individuals by preventing the unauthorized commercial use of someone’s likeness, image, or persona. Only one person should have the right to license your very identity for commercial purposes: you.

The attorneys at PARRON LAW ® are quite simply the best in the country at navigating the complexities of publicity law. The sheer number of outlets, whether online or traditional, through which your publicity rights can be infringed is daunting. It seems as if every day we hear about someone’s personal image being misappropriated and spread like wildfire across the internet. This is why, no matter who you are, you need PARRON LAW ® on your side.

We can help you establish your identity as an exclusive trademark and will stand in your corner against anyone who violates that trademark through intrusion, appropriation, unreasonable publicity or false light.

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