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Production Counsel

production counsel

At every stage of television and motion picture production, a project will face a myriad of legal, financial and business transactions and impediments. This is why it’s a necessity to have a experienced entertainment lawyer on your side. The attorneys at PARRON LAW ® can work with producers from inception to conclusion, providing top-notch legal and business counsel to keep your production running smoothly and successfully.

In addition to resolving any pressing legal issues that may present themselves, the PARRON LAW ® seasoned professionals are ready to play a significant role in your production by drafting and negotiating contracts, keeping the production on schedule, closely examining its chain of title, and making potential adjustments that can keep the whole thing within the budget you require.

Legal counsel will likewise be necessary to secure deals with talent and labor as well as handle any licensing issues with regard to third-party intellectual property. PARRON LAW ® can be an indispensable asset to clients looking not simply for an attorney but a member of their production team with a vested interest in their ongoing success.

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