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Before you can make a project public, you need to know what legal pitfalls might lay ahead. The attorneys at PARRON LAW ® can help you do that, reviewing your work and pointing out any potential issues that could bring you unwanted legal troubles.

We regularly provide pre-broadcast, pre-publication and even pre-production counseling to our clients. Our experts specialize in all formats of media, including film, television, online material and print. We work across every distribution service and since time is often of the essence in getting your material out there, we work quickly and efficiently.

Now more than ever before, potential legal hurdles like intellectual property rights and clearances, possible defamation, and privacy liability must be thoughtfully identified and analyzed before a project can go forward. The digital age requires not only a vast knowledge of all aspects of media law but an ability to foresee risks that can arise as a publication or transmission circles the globe.

PARRON LAW ® works with high-profile clients within the film and television industries, publishing and beyond, paying special attention to reality TV production and the development of similarly formatted projects. Regardless of the medium, our skilled attorneys and counselors can provide smart, thorough pre-broadcast or publishing review.

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