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PARRON LAW ® began its practice in the music industry. The firm’s founder and principal attorney, Ivan Parron®, is an innovative entrepreneur who is often credited as being the inventor of the first online music store that predates iTunes, as well as being the former in-house counsel for the Universal Music Group. As such,
PARRON LAW ® is uniquely positioned to provide unrivaled legal and business counsel to those who call the business home or who are just setting foot in it.

Our unparalleled team of attorneys has helped our clients from the music industry successfully wind their way through the complex and constantly shifting terrain of a sometimes perilous field. PARRON LAW ® provides business-savvy counsel to recording artists, musicians, record producers, beat-makers, publishers, songwriters, merchandisers, record labels and music executives, standing firmly beside our clients and ensuring that their efforts are rewarded, their contracts are honored, and they avoid the legal pitfalls that so many have succumbed to.

From copyrights, to publishing, to licensing, to the creation of ironclad agreements, to litigation if necessary, our team will provide knowledgeable legal advice and representation so that artists and record companies can concentrate on simply making music and bringing it to the masses.

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