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Media Rights Clearances


Securing media rights is one of the most challenging legal minefields to navigate. You can’t simply use trademarked materials in your project without first ensuring you have the necessary permission from the rights-holders. This is why you need PARRON LAW ® on your side. We can navigate that complex minefield for you.

Whether it’s movie, sports or television copyrights; images of actors, athletes or performers; songs, musical compositions, or spoken or printed words; or any kind of trademarked material, no matter how seemingly inaccessible, the PARRON LAW ® Media Rights and Clearances specialists have unrivaled experience in acquiring the necessary rights to not only make your project a success but to do it quickly and efficiently, saving you both time and money.

The PARRON LAW ® expert team will meticulously examine your production, identifying any and all properties that require clearance, and then negotiate on your behalf to achieve the outcome you require. Our close relationships with major talent agencies, movie and television production companies, music publishers and record companies, athletes and their agents, collegiate and professional athletic institutions, and entertainment attorneys will be leveraged to work for you.

Our Media Rights and Clearances experts can streamline what is normally a lengthy and involved process, deftly focusing on your specific needs throughout the entirety of the creative process, from inception and development through final production. We specialize in developing complicated projects, with multiple copyright-holders, and turning them into fully executed agreements that work for you and leave you free to concentrate on making your creative vision a reality.

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