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Entertainment law on the whole is a specialized field. Entertainment law that concentrates on film is truly a unique animal. If you’re involved in the motion picture industry — whether as a producer, director, writer, studio, actor or actress, or technical talent — you need strong and knowledgeable legal counsel. The motion picture attorneys at PARRON LAW ® have spent years working as industry insiders and they therefore have a keen understanding of what legal hurdles a client may face.

A skilled and thoughtful entertainment attorney can make all the difference in a project and in the life of a client trying to navigate the often intimidating waters of Hollywood. Even the most seasoned film vet understands that an authoritative attorney can provide not simply legal counsel, he or she can act as a business consultant as well. The expert motion picture team at PARRON LAW ® has the insight and savvy to handle all aspects of the legal side of film.

At PARRON LAW ® we can help you form or incorporate a production company, solicit investments, negotiate contracts, understand and enforce contractual obligations, deal with the guilds and generally get the most for your effort. Always remember that in Hollywood, if you don’t have a good lawyer on your side — the other guy almost certainly will.

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