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Fashion / Modeling

Fashion modelThe business of fashion is an especially temperamental creature fraught with potential legal peril. Fashion law, therefore, requires a very unique and delicate touch.

The key to the fashion industry is understanding contracts and ensuring that they’re honored to the letter, staying on top of the seasons, and being able to move quickly to keep up with changing product cycles. At PARRON LAW ®, our attorneys know the business inside and out and can offer highly specialized legal counsel to our fashion clients. We can offer powerful legal recourse to those seeking to stop piracy of their products and who face unfair competition practices.

Clients from the world of fashion have specific concerns upon which their entire careers can ride, including contract negotiations and enforcement, managerial disputes, and right of publicity and intellectual property.

At PARRON LAW ®, our unrivaled fashion team represents models, agents, photographers, production companies hairstylists and makeup artists. We navigate the complex terrain of the industry with the dexterity and discretion the client demands.

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