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Ivan Parron

At PARRON LAW ®, we take great pride in being home to a diverse group of highly skilled attorneys and counselors, each of whom has the unique experience to effectively assume the role of expert witness in cases involving music, television, motion picture, athletic, entertainment and media matters.

Within our team is someone to fit each and every need when knowledge and perspective is required in providing testimony as an expert. We work exclusively in support of parties and arguments we firmly believe in and are aligned with, and for that reason we bring not simply a wealth of expertise but a passion that allows us to influence juries, judges and arbitrators in a positive and powerful way.

The PARRON LAW ® experts are all working attorneys and counselors with hands-on, day-to-day involvement in entertainment and sports law. This lends them not only the experience and perspective necessary to serve as witness, but the ability to testify to both current practices and emerging trends.

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