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eSports / Videogaming

“eSports” which is competitive video gaming as a spectator sport, continues to grow in popularity, rapidly transforming from a niche market to mainstream industry. The eSports industry is projected to attract hundreds of millions of viewers and generate billions of dollars in revenues in the next several years. From real estate developers in major city investing in eSports arena construction to major corporations looking for endorsement, merchandising and branding deals, a variety of investors and other interested parties want to seize the opportunity to get involved with this global industry as it ramps up in the U.S.

With the eSports landscape touching so many different markets, clients need legal counsel with deep experience across the board.

At PARRON LAW ® our forward-thinking team of cross-practice attorneys truly understands all facets of this exciting industry and can confidently guide esports clients through a variety of potential legal issues. We leverage our collective experience in entertainment and sports, public finance, labor and employment, trademark, intellectual property, commercial litigation, M&A, real estate, gaming and more to look at the big picture, stay ahead of trends, navigate challenges and proactively identify opportunities as the eSports industry grows.

With deep cross-industry experience, the PARRON LAW ® team helps major players in the booming eSports industry navigate potential legal issues, stay ahead of the competition and reach next-level success.

PARRON LAW ® can assist with:

  • Investments, including creating, backing, acquiring or selling a team
  • Governance and regulatory frameworks for competitions
  • Labor and union issues, including representation before the NLRB
  • Influencer / player endorsement and appearance contracts
  • Online streaming platform agreements
  • Compliance with FTC endorsement guidelines
  • Gambling regulations compliance
  • Employment and services agreements
  • IP licensing, copyrights, trademarks and patents
  • Merchandise manufacturing and agreements
  • Public financing and zoning compliance for eSports facilities

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