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PARRON LAW Dealmaking Negotiation

Creative “Dealmaking” can help a company or individual build a foundation of trust and cooperation—and avoid conflict and chaos—in negotiations.
While speedy dealmaking may seem efficient, any time saved during contract negotiation may be more than offset by the time and money one will later spend renegotiating the deal or possibly even having to resort to costly litigation.

One generally views important dealmaking skills as those that play well at the table: the ability to persuade the other party, to drive a hard bargain on price, to build relationships that last. Yet we often overlook the fact that negotiation often requires real grunt work before the dealmaking begins: specifically, a willingness to take the time to build a strong argument and thoroughly analyze the issues and problems at stake.

At PARRON LAW ® our lawyers’ extensive entertainment and sports industry experience as seasoned business and legal strategists allows them to engage in thoughtful deal design, positioning the client to capitalize on the upsides of negotiations and minimize the potential costs.

Whether its negotiating a record deal on behalf of a record label or recording artist, a television deal on behalf of a streaming distributor, network, production company or talent, or negotiating a streaming distribution or sports gambling deal on behalf of a sports league or a data technology company, clients look to PARRON LAW ® attorneys as an industry insiders and advisors to provide counsel and craft breakthrough deals that monetize and grow their businesses and brands, while safeguarding their unique non-tangible assets, intellectual property and abilities.

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