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Crisis Management

When faced with a major crisis, businesses, organizations and individuals within the entertainment and sports industries need lawyers with the judgment, skills, relationships and industry experience to provide an integrated approach to resolving the crisis. That means lawyers who can develop a strategy that addresses all aspects of the matter—the legal issues; congressional, regulatory and inspector general investigations; civil litigation; media and investor scrutiny; and the long-term business or career implications.

At PARRON LAW ® our scalable crisis management team includes lawyers and advisors with significant hands-on experience in quickly and efficiently solving complex problems in high-profile settings within the entertainment and sports industries. These attorneys have the litigation, public policy, media and communications skills to manage the crisis on multiple fronts. Our lawyers draw on their knowledge and experience in conducting internal investigations, responding to player union and NCAA violations, government regulators and administrative investigations, preparing witnesses to testify, managing arbitration, mediation and litigation, working with the media, designing compliance and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programs, and formulating public policy. Our focus is on solving the immediate crisis, working with the client to correct the problem, and furthering the client’s long-term objectives in an integrated and efficient way that minimizes future financial, legal and reputational harm.

To further supplement our capabilities, our team also has established relationships with skilled public relations and communications practitioners and regularly partners with these professionals to guide and manage the implementation of media strategy.

At PARRON LAW ® our crisis management lawyers have represented entertainment and sports companies in the music, television and motion pictures industries, professional sports federations, leagues and teams, universities, artists, celebrities and athletes in high-stakes matters involving reputation management, player union and collective bargaining agreement violations, NCAA student athlete eligibility violations, arrests and criminal matters, breach of contract, litigation, dispute resolution and cybersecurity.

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