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PARRON LAW ® provides expert and seasoned counsel to clients seeking to establish new business or commercial entities. Our business team can be a crucial asset in the creation of your enterprise and throughout each stage of its life, offering legal advice and assistance that will allow it to thrive.

From drafting contracts and negotiating agreements to resolving internal and external disputes, our attorneys will work closely with you in the development of your business, customizing our efforts to suit your precise needs. Whether you’re an entrepreneur in the planning stages of a new venture or a veteran owner and manager, PARRON LAW ® can help you create

PARRON LAW ® offers expert advice to our clients in all aspects of business and commercial law. From establishing an entirely new entity and drafting internal agreements, to assessing and protecting your intellectual property and corporate secrets, to drawing up and negotiating iron-clad agreements and dispute resolution, Parron Law can be an indispensable asset to your business. Our firm is dedicated to providing tailored work to serve our clients’ needs at every stage of their business life-cycle. We can accommodate the entrepreneur considering a new venture by helping to structure a business plan, establishing a brand and selecting the best type of legal entity; our attorneys counsel our clients in risk management through anticipatory thinking designed to insulate against potential business and personal liability.

PARRON LAW ® understands the importance of protecting our clients’ interests and offers effective representation and counsel in legal disputes, collections and commercial litigation. We take pride in our vast experience working with business start-ups to draft shareholder and asset purchase agreements as well as employment and management arrangements. Our firm can create and negotiate real estate leases and licensing agreements as well as non-disclosure and non-compete stipulations to protect your company and its intellectual property assets. We at Parron Law will always make the success of you and your business our top priority.

  • Legal entity selection (LLC vs. INC.)
  • Business Plans
  • Operating / Shareholder Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure / Non-Compete
  • Employment / Management Agreements
  • Leases / Licensing Agreements
  • Disputes / Litigation / Collections

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