Why Hire Us?


Music, television, motion pictures, sports, fashion: these are the cornerstones of the entertainment industry -- and the highly specialized field of law which deals with them requires not simply an understanding of one or two particular facets of the industry but of the business as a whole. From copyright and trademark law, to tax and agency law, to intellectual property law on an international scale, clients who move within and throughout the various strata of the high-profile world of entertainment require a select brand of legal and cultural acumen, and that's what we deliver. With nearly its entire practice dedicated to the various fields that make up the entertainment industry, PARRON LAW provides unparalleled legal and business counsel to both new and established television and motion picture outlets and production companies, record labels and music publishing entities, digital and traditional brick-and-mortar distribution companies and modeling and talent agencies. Parron Law also represents individual talent managers and agents, recording artists and groups, celebrities, models, television personalities, actors, directors and producers.

We service clients ranging from small, independent companies to multimedia conglomerates throughout the United States and around the globe. Our firm's founder, Ivan Parron, Esq., has spent more than twenty years honing his expertise in the field of entertainment law and is now one of the premier authorities in the industry; he brings his polished skill-set as a successful entrepreneur to bear for each and every client and he understands how to serve the specialized needs of the entertainment community. With its extensive experience dealing with the intricacies that define the business, our firm is unmatched in handling the highly specific needs of the entertainment industry client.



Precise expertise in the Entertainment, Media & Sports Industries providing clients with an efficient combination of business and legal advice & cousnel


Expertise – fast response times to client inquiries, usually within a few hours, ensuring confident client decision making


Ongoing conversations with our clients when drafting and negotiating that facilitate superior legal and business intelligence and knowledge exchange


Our reputation is unblemished and our legal team award winning, making it easy, effective and comfortable for the client's piece of mind.