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    Representing Federations, Leagues, Teams, Municipalities, Athletes, Coaches, Executives, Agents & Physicians

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    TV/Film Production

    Representing Production Companies, Networks & Studios

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    Representing Record Labels, Music Publishers, Producers, Artists, Musicians, Managers & Agents

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    Motion Pictures

    Representing Production Companies, Studios, Directors & Screenwriters

  • New York
    State of Mind

    Offices in Manhattan's Times Square

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    Intellectual Property Assessments, Advice & Protection Strategies

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    Entertainment & Sports Industry Business and Legal Advice and Counsel

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    Representing Celebrities'
    Business & Legal Affairs, Publicity Rights, Endorsements & Licensing

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    Reality TV

    Representing Creators, Producers, Talent, Production Companies & Networks

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    Clearances & Licensing

    Audio/Video, Photo/Art, Literary, TM, Pre-Broadcast Review

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    Representing DJ Performers, Beatmakers & Music Producers

  • Miami Cool

    Offices in Miami's Brickell City Centre
    Entertainment capital of the Americas

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    Creative Talent

    Representing Songwriters, Composers, Authors & Screenwriters

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    Broadcast Media

    Representing News & Sports Anchors, Presenters/Hosts, Stations & Affiliates

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    Representing Dancers, Choreographers & Performers

  • The Future is Here

    Innovative Entertainment Industry Legal & Business Solutions

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    Live Events

    Representing Performers, Promoters, Producers, Sponsors & Venues

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    The Voice

    Representing Grammy-Winning Recording Artists, Vocalists & Reality Show Contestants

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    Fashion Modeling

    Representing Models, Photographers & Agencies

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Ivan Parron ®
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